GeoMet provides perfect seating solution for sustainable RHS garden design

Cube seating for urban garden landscape design.

Cube seating for urban garden landscape design.

Once again our GeoMet collection has been specified for a world-famous flower show; Royal Horticultural Society’s Flower Show at Tatton Park, Cheshire (23-27 July). This year a group of Garden and Landscape Design degree students from Reaseheath College, Cheshire, have specified our cube seats and planters for their ‘edible’ garden.

Tatton Park is globally recognised as a showcase for outstanding garden design and new talent. With a very successful history of showing at Tatton Park, the Reaseheath College students were under pressure to create a garden that would be both imaginative and impactful in terms of the message it conveys and its aesthetic appeal.

‘Plant to Plate’ inspiration

Their inspiration came from a project being run by their local Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG), which is also sponsoring the garden design. The Group runs a number of social initiatives and projects to promote sustainable living and support the local community. One such project is ‘Real Food Wythenshawe’ which focuses on cooking and eating food that is home grown, in order to achieve a more affordable and sustainable lifestyle within towns and cities. Communicated under the banner, ‘Plant to Plate’, it was this project – and the concept of the Garden City – that provided the basis for the design.

Due to the main focus being on sustainable living, the designers needed to ensure that only environmentally friendly elements were incorporated into the garden. This included garden furniture. With a requirement for eye-catching, contemporary, plain white seating that was waterproof and cube shaped, an internet search ensued.

Cube seating features in an edible garden landscape design.

Cube seating features in an edible garden landscape design.

GeoMet to the rescue

The solution came in the shape of the GeoMet GRP fibreglass moulded Cube seating and planters manufactured by Sui Generis. The Cube seats and matching planters are geometrically-shaped, modular furniture pieces, designed for mix and match use or as standalone single units.

Designed for commercial and residential use, either indoors or outside; the range offers fantastic flexibility in space planning, whilst also providing an alternative to traditional timber, aluminium, PVE and plastic furniture. Exceptionally durable, weatherproof, vandal resistant and environmentally friendly, the GeoMet range requires minimal maintenance but maximum visual impact, making it perfect for the RHS project.

Sui Generis has provided the students with six GeoMet Cube seats and two planters for the duration of the show. The furniture is positioned in the garden’s social community space; designed to bring people together in an environment where food is grown.

A feast for the imagination

On display in the Feast area of the show, the students’ design incorporates many maginative features such as a ‘Growing Wall’, upon which crops are grown vertically to encourage more volume in a smaller area and Rebar trees – ‘industrialised’ trees with beans and climbers growing within them which are designed to show the connection between town and countryside.

Also included are tram tracks, to signify the new tram development in Wythenshawe, which should build a better future for the community with greater opportunities through improved connectivity. An edible flower meadow has also been included to attract pollinating insects, as has a traditional allotment space, a chicken coup and a traditional bee hive.

All planting material is edible in the garden, from beans, herbs, apples and pears to currants, nettles, flowers, cabbages and parsnips.

Further information about GeoMet Cube seating

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