Anti-Slip Stair and Floor Safety Products

The slip problem

33% of all reportable major injuries are due to slips and trips.

20% of "over 3 day" injuries to employees are due to slips and trips.

50% of all reported accidents to members of the public are due to slips and trips.

The anti-slip solution

Sui Generis Safe Tread anti-slip flooring products are designed to be a quick and cost effective solution to improving safety in potential slip hazard areas.

Slip resistant

Safe Tread flooring products have an anti-slip surface ensuring outstanding slip resistance even in wet and oily conditions. They have consistently reduced slips and falls in industrial, commercial and public use.


All our anti-slip products incorporate a quartz gritted surface. This has good thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and stiffness making it the perfect product when wear and corrosion resistance are primary performance requirements.

Corrosion resistance

Our anti-slip products are manufactured with high quality fibreglass impregnated with isophthalic polyester or vinyl ester resins ensuring they are suitable for use in the harshest of chemical environments.

DDA and building regulations

Sui Generis Safe Tread products comprehensively fulfil the requirements specified in the UK Building Regulations Act and the final stage of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Anti-slip stair & flooring products designed to be a quick, cost effective solution to improving safety in slip hazard areas

Anti-slip stair tread covers

Stair Tread Covers

Designed to cover your existing stairs, Safe Tread non-slip GRP Stair Treads are a quick and cost effective solution to improving safety. Manufactured with a contrasting yellow nosing for high visibility.

Anti-Slip Stair Tread  Landing Covers

Stair Tread Landing Covers

Safe Tread GRP Stair Treads with extra depth for stair landing areas. Safe Tread non-slip GRP Stair Landing Covers are a quick and cost effective solution to improving safety.

Anti-Slip Stair Riser Plates

Stair Riser Plates

Safe Tread GRP Riser Plates clad the front of your step surface, improving appearance. Conceal existing worn or untidy step surfaces, scruffy concrete, and prevent objects falling through open areas of steel or timber stair-cases.

Anti-slip stair nosing

Stair Nosing

Designed to fit to the front of the step, Safe Tread anti-slip Stair Nosings are a quick and cost effective solution to improving safety in potential slip hazard areas and help towards achieving Disability Discrimination Act compliance.

Anti-slip floor sheets

Floor Sheets

Designed to be fitted to floors, walkways, disabled access ramps, bridges, landing areas, platforms, piers and pontoons. Safe Tread non-slip GRP flat sheets are a quick and cost effective solution to improving safety in potential slip hazard areas.

Anti-Slip Decking Strips / Step Strips

Anti-Slip Decking Strips
or Step Strips

Fit to the top of the decking or step surface, with a gritted surface giving excellent traction, Safe Tread non-slip GRP Decking Strips are a quick and easy solution to improving safety on slippery timber decking and steps.

Anti-Slip Tactile paving plates

Tactile paving plates

Tactiles are paving plates with raised surface profiles designed to be detectable by visually impaired pedestrians. Made from hard wearing, durable GRP with a gritted surface giving excellent slip resistancy.

Slip resistance

Slip resistance results
Anti-slip test results - how we accurately assess our stair and floor products.


6 good reasons to choose Sui Generis anti-slip floor & stair covers...

  • Rated extremely low potential for slip
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Very competitively priced
  • Can be applied to nearly any substrate
  • Can be used immediately after installation
  • DDA Compliant

Your anti-slip flooring guide from Sui Generis

Anti-slip flooring consists of special anti-slip sheets that can be applied to existing flooring to improve its slip resistance. It's an essential safety feature for industrial areas, walkways and stairs to help prevent injuries to staff and slip-related accidents.

Safe Tread is the premier slip-resistant flooring from Sui Generis. It incorporates a quartz gritted surface – which means it remains slip resistant if liquids, ice or even oil is present.

The addition of isophthalic polyester and vinyl ester resins ensure Safe Tread flooring won't corrode in even the harshest chemical environments, making it ideal for industrial areas.

Slip-resistant products are available for floors, walkways and stairs and can be applied to almost any surface, making them an excellent alternative to replacement flooring.

What kinds of surfaces need anti-slip flooring?

With a significant number of injuries to workers and members of the public attributed to slip-related accidents, slip-resistant flooring is strongly recommended for a variety of both industrial and public-access areas. These can include:

  • Floors • Walkways • Platforms • Stairs • Stair noses • Driveways • Ramps.

Why use Safetread flooring for your surfaces?

Because Safe Tread GRP Plates products are among the most slip-resistant available.

Manufactured with high quality, impact resistant fibreglass, Safe Tread GRP plate flooring will be just as effective for your vehicles as it is for your workers.

Our range of Safe Tread products includes easily-applied anti-slip covers for stair treads, as well as anti-slip nosings for stairs – both of which can be applied with minimum disruption.

All our anti-slip products are also safe, durable and corrosion resistant – giving you long lasting peace of mind.

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Are there other benefits to Safetread flooring?

Yes. These are just some of the properties of our anti-slip products:

  • Quick to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Impact resistant
  • Chemical resistant

Does your Safetread flooring conform to regulations?

Yes. Our Safetread products fulfil all the requirements laid out in the UK Building Regulations (May 2004) and are Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant.

Both the heavy- and light-duty grip grades of our Safetread products also surpass the minimum requirements for achieving the 'extremely low potential for slip' rating as defined by the UK Slip Resistance Group Guide 2000.

Ask us for more details – we can tell you everything you need to know on how anti-slip flooring can improve the safety of your surfaces.

Can you give me advice about anti-slip flooring?

We'd be happy to help you get high-grade anti-slip flooring for your floors, stairs and walkways.

Just call us on 01206 798 798 and book your free site inspection. Our flooring experts will give you all the information you need to ensure the safety of your surfaces for both people and vehicles.


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Anti-Slip Products
Installation guides

Anti-Slip products Installation guide
Anti-slip products can be applied to nearly any existing substrate and are quick and easy to install. An installation service is also available.

Installation Tools, Screws & Adhesives

Tools, Screws & Adhesives for installation
We've added a range of Tools, Screws & Adhesives for installation of our Anti-Slip products…

Decking Strips
Case Study

Anti-Slip Decking or Step strips Case Study
Anti-Slip Decking Strips used for countryside repair and maintenance by The Monday Group, an organisation of volunteer Public Rights of Way Workers...

Floor Sheets
Case Study

Anti-Slip Flooring at London Zoo Case Study
Anti-slip floor sheets
and Stair Nosings installed to stop reptile staff from slipping at the world famous ZSL London Zoo...

Floor Sheets
Case Study

Anti-Slip Flooring at Snape Maltings Case Study
Our Safe Tread flooring has been installed into the beautiful surroundings of Snape Maltings in Suffolk...

Decking Strips
Case Study

Anti-Slip Decking strips Case Study
How love for their dog helped Charlie overcome adversity with an
Anti-Slip Decking Strip Ramp...

Decking Strips
Case Study

Anti-Slip Decking strips Case Study
Gardening and mucking out horses may have just got a little easier, thanks to this great idea using Decking Strips on wheelbarrow ramps...

Floor Sheets
Case Study

Anti-Slip Flooring Case Study
Anti-Slip Flooring - Europe's leading independent printing company were in need of a replacement flooring for their paper store entrance...
  • "Sui Generis' anti-slip decking strips are a real boon to our work. We have used the anti-slip strips on stiles and bridges with excellent results.

    One of the considerable benefits of your GRP strips is that they are lightweight, easy to apply and can even be fitted in very wet and muddy conditions and can be walked on immediately – so are perfect for us."

    J Edwards, The Monday Group
    Sui Generis anti-slip decking strips

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  • "The anti-slip flooring offers great slip protection needed when handling venomous or dangerous snakes and lizards.
    The floor we work on usually has a wet surface. We use hoses to wash down enclosures along with slippery disinfectants, installing the anti-slip floor sheets has greatly improved the area and made the working environment much safer."

    B Tapley, Reptile House, ZSL London Zoo,
    Sui Generis anti-slip floor sheets

    Read Case Study
  • "Sui Generis did a great job; their Safetread flooring is very durable and long lasting. Thanks to the flooring's fibreglass gritted flat sheets it will create safe pathways for many years to come.
    Working with Sui Generis was very easy from the point or order through to delivery; we would be very happy to recommend them."

    J & A Gooderham, owners, Snape Maltings,
    Sui Generis anti-slip floor sheets

    Read Case Study
  • "In general, everyone I dealt with on this order was very helpful
    and professional from quote to delivery I would rate your service
    as exceptional."

    S MacDonald, Sui Generis anti-slip floor sheets

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  • "Excellent service and price, previously used Watco but never again after getting excellent service and price from Sui Generis."

    Sui Generis anti-slip floor sheets

    Read more testimonials
  • "Haydn dealt with my enquiry on first contact and when I rang back to place the order he had the info straight away and remembered me two weeks later, thanks."

    K Liquorish, Sui Generis Anti-slip floor sheets

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  • "The level of service from all concerned is excellent in so much they return calls as promised and the promises given in respect of deliveries, happen."

    T Gover, Sui Generis GRP Grating

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  • "Haydn always responds to quote requests immediately and is never phased about price and delivery.
    After sales acknowledgment and delivery is always good and on time."

    A Simpkins, Sui Generis GRP grating

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  • "Excellent customer service, keep it up."

    A Evans, Sui Generis GRP Grating

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