GeoMet Sustainable Modular Seating, Water Features and Planters

GeoMet is the sustainable alternative to traditional timber, aluminium, PVE and plastic ranges of garden furniture, ideal for those looking to create ultimate impact with minimum maintenance, whilst reducing their impact on the planet.

We’re proud to manufacture the entirety of our GeoMet range using a specialist, super-strength, sustainable resin made from recycled plastic bottles. Every year we save on average 1,063,636 plastic bottles, diverting them from landfills and our oceans.

Join our sustainability journey

We’re working towards a future with net-zero carbon emissions and have been proactive in adapting our manufacturing methods to reflect this. All our products utilise a low-styrene resin that reduces our CO2 output considerably.

Geomet modern seating,
water features & planters

Make your office, campus or shopping complex more inviting, colourful and welcoming with GeoMet modular seating. From quirky chairs and benches to water features and planters, liven up your living spaces with interesting furniture designed for everyone to enjoy.

Improve interior & exterior areas

The right seating, planters and water features can make all the difference to the beauty and creativity of a landscape. Sui Generis handcraft a variety of beautiful modern, modular garden and interior furniture designs.

Colourful, economical & durable

Sui Generis handcraft a variety of composite moulded furniture styles. More cost-effective than traditional materials, and durable, with an almost indefinite life expectancy.

Choosing composite moulded seating means you don't have to worry about the problems usually associated with the maintenance of outdoor furniture - they're easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free, giving your landscaping a bold statement that won't increase your costs over time.

Our seating, water features and planters are tough, hard-wearing and can withstand anything the weather has to throw at them. They won't distort in heat, become brittle in cold temperatures, or corrode - the ideal material for your outdoor furniture.

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5 good reasons to choose Sui Generis landscape & garden products...

  • Design - contemporary or traditional
  • Quality - indefinite lifespan
  • Economy - cost-effective short and long-term
  • Bespoke - built to your specifications
  • Service - 90% repeat custom rate

Your composite landscape and garden products guide

Furniture is a great way to brighten up the landscaping at your office or business.

With composite moulding, Sui Generis can create bespoke modern furniture designed to suit your outdoor areas - in the shape, colour and finish you want.

Bright colours and comfortable, accessible outdoor seating look great and send out a positive signal to staff and customers alike.

Read more.

Best of all, composite moulding is more cost-effective than traditional materials, and is easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free - making our products a solid investment that won't be a financial burden.

What kinds of furniture can you create?

We now offer a new standard collection of seating, water-features and planters to buy, or if you have your own designs our bespoke manufacturing service is for you.

Sui Generis GeoMet Collection

The GeoMet Collection is our new range of modular seating, water features and planters that can be produced to your colour specification.

Modern Seating

Modern Water Features

Modern Planters

Sui Generis Bespoke Seating & Furniture

We offer a bespoke service, and can manufacture from your designs.

Getting started is simple. Sui Generis can fabricate composite moulded furniture, all you need is an idea and we'll help you take it from there.

We can manufacture any kind of shape you can think of.

Whether you need furniture for your outdoor spaces, reception areas or even for your offices, Sui Generis can design and build high quality contemporary furniture to your specifications. These are just a few examples:

Benches, Chairs, Tables, Stool, Desks, Enclosures, Play areas, Planters, Square planters, Bi-colour pots, Trough pots, Ponds, Herb wheel planters, Low-height, planters, Ceramic-look planters.

Why use composite moulded products for outdoor furniture?

When you invest in outdoor seating, you want it be low-maintenance and long-lasting - and that's exactly what our composite moulded products are.

Corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant and weather-resistant, with an indefinite lifespan and is simple and easy to clean - you can even customise it to add fire resistance.

Because of the extremely stable structure of our products, your seating won't warp in hot conditions, or crack in cold weather.

It's also very safe, which makes it great in play and recreation areas - and gives you long lasting peace of mind.

Why use composite mouldings for garden planters and garden features?

Here are three great reasons why moulded composites are the best material available for your garden planters.

1. More durable than traditional materials. They won't decay like wood, corrode like metal or crack like ceramics.

2. More cost-effective. It'll last a lifetime, but not at the price you'd expect.

3. It looks great. If you want to add real modern flair to your garden, the colour you choose for your planters can be as bright and vivid as you like.

Sui Generis are composite moulded planter experts - and we're ready to give you the advice you need right now.

Are there other benefits to composite moulded furniture?

Many. These are just some of the properties of our seating and other modern furniture:

  • Corrosion Proof
  • Weather resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to clean.

Do your composite moulded conform to regulations?

Yes. Our furniture, seating and garden features are not just eye-catching and comfortable - they are strong, impact-resistant and can be designed around your Health & Safety needs.

Ask us for more details - our experts will give you free and helpful advice about the properties of our furniture, seating and garden feature products.

Can you give me advice on my landscape and garden furniture projects?

Definitely. We'd be happy to help you get the most attractive, colourful and practical seating for your needs.

Just call us on 01206 798 798 today and ask for a free, no-obligation site inspection or a free quote over the phone. We'll give you all the information you need to get the best out of our leading moulded products.


Network Rail, Leeds

Seating for Network Rail, Leeds
GeoMet adds much-needed seating in waiting areas, plus a splash of colour for Network Rail improvements to Leeds railway station...
View case study.

Seating at Wembley

Wembley retail park seating
Bench seating has been installed into Wembley Park, London, to create a striking sculptural centrepiece for their Market Square...
View case study.

British Airways i360

British Airways i360 and Corona seating
British Airways i360 and Corona seating - a perfect match for Brighton seafront...
View case study.
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  • "The new Corona seating is really getting noticed, it looks amazing next to the British Airways i360 pod and really fits in with the whole futuristic look of the project.

    The entire process from ordering to installation could not have been easier. Sui Generis delivered a faultless product, on time and on budget."

    British Airways i360, Corona seating

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  • "The terrace looks amazing and has become a wonderful place for staff to go. GeoMet were great at working with us to create a bespoke solution: the colour was exact to our requirements and they created a clever solution to install each seat into a rooftop location."

    Westfield Health, Serpentine seating

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  • "...We also specified a number of other pieces to complement the Halo, such as curved Serpentine seats and multi-functional Cube seating/tables.

    All pieces are modular in construction, which makes it really easy for us to re-configure the space for multiple uses. Recently we've held class debates on Europe upon the Halo. At other times we've created a calm space for children to read and play board games."

    Earlham Primary School, Halo, Serpentine, Cube seating

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  • "We've worked in partnership with GeoMet on a number of schools' development projects and the team at GeoMet has always risen to the challenge.

    The seating is manufactured to the highest of standards and we know it will stand up to the rigours of school life and whatever the British weather can throw at it.

    Thanks again for another job well done."

    BD Landscape Architects, Arena, Corona seating

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  • "We wanted something playful to fit into our scheme, and needed the piece to be durable to put up with a lot of 'wear and tear'. GeoMet's Halo seating composite moulded so we knew it would stand up to the rigours. The seating is also modular in construction and gave us the opportunity to create something unique, without having to invest in a bespoke mould. We specified Halo in a bright pink to provide a splash of colour to animate the space.

    The Halo's curved lines allowed the seating to be put together in a splat-like shape to complete the zingy vibrant outdoor look and feel of the area."

    Gillespies LLP, Halo seating at Media City

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  • "I was delighted with the garden, especially the Halo seating as it really brought everything together. Visitors to the show also loved the contemporary look and commented how surprisingly comfortable the seating was too, and how the seating didn't soak up the heat and was the ideal temperature to sit upon.

    I'm very grateful to the support of GeoMet - their kindness and generosity has been amazing."

    Nikki Hollier, Halo seating and planters

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  • "From the outset, Sui Generis were very helpful in accommodating our design specifications for the outdoor terrace seating at Bristol Airport and comfortably adhered to the particular challenges of such a high-traffic public area."

    S Atton, Halo planter

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  • "Our client (Argent) gave us details of the GeoMet range because they wanted simple yet visually appealing and comfortable seating that would complement the high-end design of the rest of the building.

    Due to health and safety considerations, the furniture also needed to be weighted yet easy to move around and reconfigure to offer flexibility in terms of how the space is used."

    A McPherson, Halo seating

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  • "When we found the Sui Generis GeoMet range we were delighted because it was everything we wanted. It fitted within the design, stood out but didn't detract from the planting and other features, and finally, supported the overall sustainability ethos of the garden.

    Being lightweight and virtually maintenance free, it was also incredibly easy to work with."

    K Eastham, Cube seating installation

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  • "I wanted to create a bold dramatic statement, but also wanted a unique piece that was comfortable and made to an exceptionally high quality.

    I had searched the marketplace and found nothing to match Sui Generis' circular water feature. It also provided the perfect home for my spherical art sculpture too."

    Uri Geller, Aqua Corona water feature installation

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  • "We always set ourselves very high standards for Chelsea and will only partner with top quality suppliers. Sui Generis' furniture is composite moulded making it impact and scratch resistant and they have the know-how to manufacture pieces in any colour.

    We were really impressed; the team worked tirelessly to design and create outdoor furniture to our exact requirements. The finished items looked amazing: Sui Generis did a top job!"

    A McIndoe, seating for RHS Chelsea Flower Show

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  • "We were searching for fibreglass or perspex furniture and were amazed by Sui Generis' stunning designs. Their Halo seating is unique and will create the perfect environment for our graduates to show-off their designs to potential employers, designers and celebrities."

    S Lillie, seating for Graduate Fashion Week

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  • "Sui Generis fabricated the seating beautifully...They provided us with an in-depth overview to the products on offer and case studies to show how it would work in situ.

    They understood what was needed and refined the seating to match our requirements. The seating was delivered on promised production schedule and the colours were just as described with a perfect finish."

    R Peckham,
    Bespoke seating manufacture

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