Bund Water Control
Bund Water Control Unit

Bund Water Control Unit

An automatic pumping system that safely pumps water out of a bund.

Bund Water Control Unit

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A low maintenance automatic pumping system, that detects the difference between oil and water and safely pumps the water* out of the bund.

*Rainwater containing less than 5mg of oil per litre of water (5 parts per million), which is regarded as safe by The Environment Agency, is discharged into the clean water drainage system.

Bund Water Control Unit

With unique drip tray featureHow it works

The pump/probe assembly, made from robust non-deteriorating materials, is placed in the sump of the bund. The probe sensors monitor the sump liquids for the presence of water or oil at site/sump specific levels.

The control, switches the water pump on and off at the appropriate levels.

High water and excess oil levels in the sump, and power failure, are indicated by LED signals on the control which may be extended as alarms if linked to the site telemetry system.

Bund Water Control Unit

Failsafe feature

Bunds need to be watertight to be effective and therefore bunded areas collect rainwater, which becomes polluted by the normal day-to-day drips from the storage facility. The polluted rainwater must be removed in an environmentally safe manner so that the bund retains its full capacity to contain a major spill from the storage facility, and avoid an oil pollution incident.

  • 1. Bund water pumping system - normal operation.
  • 2. Bund water pumping system - failsafe feature 1.
  • 3. Bund water pumping system - failsafe feature 2.
  • 4. Bund water pumping system - failsafe feature 3.


How can a bund water control unit help you?

Fewer visits by your waste management company will be required because only the oil (and no water) will need to be removed resulting in significantly reduced waste management costs.

The unit will provide a safe and dry working environment for your site maintenance staff and is a positive action for protecting the environment, which will contribute to receiving and maintaining ISO 14001 accreditation (showing best environmental practice).


Usual delivery 2-3 days. Next day delivery available at an additional cost of £10.

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Free delivery prices are to anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.

Why a Sui Generis
Bund Water Control Unit?

  • For any type of bund:
    brick, steel, concrete.
  • Reduce your waste management costs
  • Reduce the risk of expensive fines and clean up costs
  • Provide a safe and dry working environment
  • Improve your environmental corporate image


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