Pompidou Seating

GeoMet furniture - transform your urban, commercial & garden landscapes

Bringing French style to interiors and exteriors is the Pompidou. Fresh and fun this 1200mm ellipse-shaped seat is ultra-contemporary and ideal for creating a lounge feel and a 'pop' of colour to large spaces.

The Pompidou is composite moulded and manufactured in all RAL colours and is perfect to create stand-out seating arrangements for colleges, exhibition centres, libraries, retail outlets and airports.


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Specification - Pompidou single seat - SGF122

Specification - Pompidou single seat
Principal Material Composite moulded
Dimensions 1200ø x 450mm
Colour Most BS/RAL colours

Each seat segment can be supplied:

1. Weighted with a rubber anti-slide base. Approx. 50 kgs
2. Un-weighted with rubber anti-slide base. Approx. 20 kgs
3. Fitted with anchor bolts for permanent fixing. Approx. 18 kgs

Supply options

1. Weighted: Modules supplied weighted to prevent people from moving installation to another area. Weighted modules are ideal if you would like the flexibility to move seating at a later date and the security that they will be safe.

2. Un-weighted: This supply option offers the utmost in flexibility and is ideal for domestic use or in areas where you want to move seats quickly and easily, such as events/exhibition spaces.

3. Fitted with anchor bolts: Modules are complete with anchor bolts for permanent fixing - ideal for public open spaces or where security may be an issue.


Available in most BS/RAL coloursAvailable in most BS/RAL colours

Have your GeoMet seating manufactured in your corporate colours or another colour of your choice (T&C’s apply – please confirm colour with us prior to ordering).

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Installation service available.

Call or contact us now for a quote: all prices exclude VAT, delivery and installation. Trade discounts available.

Where are Pompidou seats used?

Pompidou seating and furniture is ideal for commercial and residential projects.

Versatile, comfortable & durable, our seating range will enhance your environment and most importantly, stand up to the rigours of heavy everyday use.

Our products are ideal for office furniture, lounge furniture, reception furniture and waiting areas, restaurant lounge furniture, foyer furniture, garden furniture, outdoor furniture, street furniture, conference furniture and public communal areas including lobbies, pool areas, spas, courtyards, playgrounds and play areas.

Who do we manufacture Pompidou seating for?

Sui Generis produce a range of modern modular seating, landscape features and planters for commercial, urban or decorative gardens and public spaces.

We manufacture and install our stylish seating in Great Britain and deliver throughout GB, Europe and USA for Landscaping Architects, Local Authorities, Councils, Landscape Contractors, Professional Landscapers, Landscape Industries, Garden Designers, Urban Designers, Interior Designers, Town Planners, Schools, Colleges, Housing Associations, Consumer market, Statutory Bodies eg: English Heritage, National Trust, Leisure Organizations, Sports Grounds, Leisure Centres, Parks and Golf clubs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The product

Why choose composite moulded products?

Whilst its vibrant appearance is one of the first things that draws people's attention to our composite moulded products it's often it's hidden qualities that really sell it - extremely easy to clean, corrosion resistant and vandal resilient.

Do I have a choice of colours?

Yes a very extensive choice, we can manufacture the items to the BS/RAL colour of your choice.

Use, cleaning and care

Are your Garden and Landscape products suitable for outside use, all year round?

Absolutely, our products are weatherproof being able to withstand the extremities of British weather be it the hottest of summers or the coldest of winters.

Are your Garden and Landscape products easy to clean?

Yes, their smooth finish allows for the easy removal of everyday dirt and grime by simply wiping over with a soft cloth or sponge that has been immersed in warm water, for more stubborn stains a mild detergent can be added to the water. Following cleaning, seating products can be dried and ready for use almost immediately by wiping over with a dry soft cloth.

Do your Garden and Landscape products require any specialist treatment?

No, unlike many other outdoor products, our composite moulded products require no specialist treatment to protect against rust or decay. However, we would recommend the occasional application of a UV wax solution to help protect against UV exposure.

Will the colour of your products will be affected by UV exposure?

Whilst the gel coats used in the production of our furniture contains pigments with high light fastness ratings, the furniture's colour may suffer from a slight dulling over time due to UV exposure. To help protect against this a specialist wax solution is applied to the furniture prior to it leaving our factory. However, we would recommend further applications of this wax during the course of the furniture's life.


What about the risk of vandalism?

Types of vandalism are wide and varied however; our composite moulded furniture is capable of seeing off some of the most common forms. Tough enough to withstand harsh impact, for example that of a hammer. Whilst marker pen and graffiti can normally be removed with the use of specialist wipes, which are available from Sui Generis. Attempts to inflict damage from a cigarette lighter will often see the perpetrator inflict more damage on themselves than the furniture.

Ultimately though, as with most items, if somebody is intent on causing damage they will probably succeed. However, in the event that someone does manage to inflict surface damage, the affected areas will not rust and localised damage can often be repaired as opposed to complete replacement.

Why Sui Generis?

5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

The structural integrity of our glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee, provided the product is used for its designed purpose, within a standard operating environment.

Additionally, the colour and finish are also guaranteed for 5-years, provided the product has been cleaned and UV waxed every 3 months.

Where components made from other materials form part of the overall product, different guarantees will apply.

In the event of a guarantee claim, evidence will be required to substantiate that the required cleaning and maintenance has been conducted. Products are not guaranteed against accidental or deliberate damage, misuse, or subjected to extremes of operating environments (i.e. exposed to solvents, corrosive chemical/substances). Where ‘unusual’ use is intended, we advise all customers to enquire with Sui Generis prior to ordering where we may be able to agree variations to these terms.

What quality accreditations do you have?

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, having first achieved ISO 9001 accreditation in 2002 our Quality Management System and associated procedures are now firmly ingrained into our everyday practices resulting in stringent quality becoming second nature to us and ensuring that you will be left with a product of the highest quality.

What do others say about you?

The biggest endorsement we can provide is the feedback received from other clients who have experienced our service and products at first hand,
please view our customer testimonials.

Caring for your Landscape and Garden Furniture

Essentially our Landscape and Garden Furniture products are maintenance free, however, following the below guidelines will ensure maximum life expectancy.

General cleaning

As with many outdoor products, contamination from substances such as bird droppings and tree sap are potentially harmful and should be removed as soon as possible. The smooth finish of our furniture allows for the easy removal of such substances as well as everyday dirt and grime in three steps.

Step One: Initially spray down the furniture with a water hose to loosen any contamination.

Step Two: Wipe the furniture over with a soft sponge or cloth that has been immersed in warm water. For more stubborn stains add a mild detergent (no stronger than dishwashing detergent) avoiding high acidity or alkalinity.

Step Three: Rinse well with clean water ensuring that no detergent is left behind.

UV protection

UV exposure may result in the furniture's colour suffering from a slight dulling over time. Prior to delivery the furniture has already been treated with a specialist wax solution to protect against this, however, further applications of this wax solution are necessary on a quarterly basis to help ensure continued protection. This wax solution should be purchased direct from Sui Generis and applied as per the supplied instructions.

Unsuitable cleaning materials

Avoid the use of the following on the furniture:

• Wire brushes or other harsh or abrasive materials

• Strong alkaline cleaners or solvents such as acetone and lacquer thinners.

General precautions

Our products are extremely robust, however; the following precautions should be taken to protect the furniture;

• avoid impact damage or dropping heavy or sharp objects onto the furniture

• do not drag sharp objects along the surfaces of the furniture

• remove any contamination from the furniture as soon as possible

• do not overcoat the furniture with any other product.

Pompidou seating - part of the GeoMet range

GeoMet range of Seating, Water Features & PlantersGeoMet is a stunning collection of geometrically-shaped modular furniture pieces ideal for urban environments, recreational spaces and large-scale commercial interiors.

The range has been designed for mix and match use or standalone single units.
Each piece in the GeoMet collection is handmade in the UK by highly skilled crafts people. The entire range is composite moulded which is the perfect outdoor furniture material as it's weatherproof, long lasting and requires minimum maintenance.

Sui Generis is the leading composite moulding company that creates standard and bespoke seating designs.

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Our sustainability

We’re proud to manufacture the entirety of our GeoMet range using a specialist, super-strength, resin made from recycled plastic bottles, diverting them from landfills and our oceans. Over 1,800 recycled plastic bottles are saved in every 220kg drum of resin we use.
Speak to us for more information.

Pompidou seating features:

  • Unique, modern design - add real impact to your landscape or urban space
  • Tough and hard wearing - will stand up to the rigours of heavy everyday use
  • Weather proof - can withstand anything the UK weather can throw at it!
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Domestic and public spaces
  • Easily cleaned
  • Most BS/RAL colours
  • Flexible modular design

Manufactured by us in
Great Britain and delivered throughout GB, Europe & USA.



ISO 14001
Our accreditationsArmed Forces Silver Covenant