Open mesh grating Open Mesh

for platforms,
walkways, flooring
& covers.

Mini mesh grating Mini-mesh

for platforms,
walkways, flooring
& covers.

Grating Clips Grating Clips
for installation

C clips & M clips

Other grating types Other Moulded

Smooth Grating, Concave Grating, Conductive Grating, Covered Grating.

Other grating types Pultruded

For platforms, especially where large spans are required.

GRP Grating Risers and Installation Riser

GRP Grating Risers and Installation.

GRP Moulded Grating: Smooth Grating, Concave Grating, Conductive Grating and Covered Grating

Prices on request.

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From gritted open mesh & mini mesh, to conductive and covered, we can mould tough, long-lasting fibreglass grating to your specifications. Not only can it be adapted for fire or chemical resistance, but it's more comfortable to stand on and will last more than 20 years – maintenance-free.

Very easy to install due to its relatively lightweight construction (circa half the weight of steel versions) and once in place, can simply be left and forgotten as there's no ongoing maintenance needed.

In addition to Sui Generis Open Mesh Grating and & Mini Mesh Grating, other types of moulded GRP grating are available to order:


Smooth fibreglass mesh grating

Smooth GRP Mesh Grating

Smooth Grating has the same characteristics as other Fibreglass Grating except no anti-slip surface. These are widely used for decoration, fall protection, fences, machine guards etc.

Concave fibreglass mesh grating

Concave GRP Mesh Grating

Concave Grating is more suited to low foot traffic areas and is particularly suitable for hygiene applications where a high standard of slip resistance is needed and ease of cleaning is a consideration.

Conductive top grating

Conductive Top GRP Grating

Sui Generis Conductive Moulded Grating is specially formulated with a carbon black surface, eliminating hazardous static electricity when properly grounded.

Available in all resin finishes, Conductive Gratings are primarily used in the high-tech electronic industries, munitions and arsenal manufacturing plants and other spark sensitive environments where sophisticated equipment may be damaged due to static electricity.

The specialized grating has an electrical resistance of less than 26 kilo-ohms per 300mm while retaining other desirable characteristics of conventional Fibreglass Moulded Grating.

Covered fibreglass grating

Covered Top GRP Mesh Grating

All types and sizes of grating are available with covered tops. The covered top is typically 3mm thick and is bonded to the grating panel after manufacture. This creates a strong but lightweight covered panel.

Covered fibreglass grating chequer plate

Covered GRP Grating:
Chequer Plate

All panels are available with gritted, chequer plate or smooth finish. Ideally suited to service trenches, access pits, gully covers, walkways and cable troughs etc.

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Our product features

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Lightweight - lighter than steel
  • Fire resistant
  • Slip-resistant –
    preventing accidents
  • Economical – maintenance free
  • Strong – excellent
    bi-directional properties
  • Long lasting - 20+ year lifespan
  • Ergonomic – better for your back
  • Safe – non-conductive properties


  • Protects your workplace, environment and personnel
  • Maintenance free
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