Sui Generis Bund Lining gives Rolls-Royce service in Sunderland

Line Catchment Bunds for Rolls Royce Production

Rolls Royce is synonymous with top-class service and manufacturing. That’s why they chose Sui Generis to create new bunding at their production plant in Sunderland.Health and safety is also of paramount importance to Rolls Royce and their facilities management company. Mitie, recommended that production line catchment bunds be manufactured and installed on site to ensure any oil spillages from the machines were contained; a major cause of slips and falls.

Mitie’s Representative oversaw the installation, and was delighted with the high standard of workmanship. He says:

“Sui Generis has done a great job. Their staff are excellent and the bunds have done the job. There’s no oil leaks across the factory floor, ensuring safe working practices.”

Sui Generis prepared the existing surface and installed a termination groove to the floor. Once this process was successfully completed pre-made bund walls were fixed into place and a fibreglass lining applied to the floor and over the newly installed walls, creating a bespoke solution around each machine.  Mark Stone, Contracts Manager, Sui Generis, adds: “Our fibreglass bund linings are incredibly hardwearing and require zero maintenance.”


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