Sui Generis refurbishes BOC Cooling Tower basin with GRP Lining



Sui Generis has completed the lining of a semi-submerged cooling tower basin at BOC.

The basin was going to have a change of use. Mat Berry, Sui Generis, explains the intricacies involved:

“A cooling tower had sat on a large concrete basin structure. We needed to refurbish the basin so that it could be used to store post-filtered water from a reverse osmosis installation. The basin proved a tricky job as a number of buttresses were sticking out and re-bars too; we needed to cut out all metalworks and prepare an area for new pipework to be fitted.”

“Our team of experts grit blasted the concrete basin to strip it back to its original surface. They then applied a fibreglass lining followed by a post-cure to ensure maximum chemical resistance. The basin is now fit for purpose and will be in service for many years to come.”

BOC is the largest provider of industrial, medical and specialist gases in the UK and Ireland. Its health and safety record is second to none and it was keen to work with a fibreglass lining specialist who was able to help them maintain their high working standards.

“We were very happy with the work undertaken by Sui Generis. They created a bespoke solution to meet our needs, and finished the work within a week. All of their staff were very professional and I would recommend their services to anyone.”

BOC representative

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