GRP lining of tank bunds, gullies, sumps and pits

Bund fibreglass lining

For a food preparation factory, 20 linear metres of the factory wash down bunded area were fibreglass lined.

We offer a high quality bund lining service to produce a simple, long term cost effective solution to your spill containment, protection and corrosion problems.

Fibreglass lining for a range of storage bund facilities

We’ve updated our website with a new selection of photos from some of our recent bund lining projects carried out throughout the UK, covering diesel oil bunds, chemical storage bunds, flammable liquid bunds, water and water waste bunds, generator bunds and food manufacturing bunded areas. We work with a variety of customers from small businesses to large corporate companies in the manufacturing, refining, energy and water service industries.

View case study – GRP lining of Storage Tank Bunds and Pipe Areas for a Food Preparation Factory

For information view Bund Fibreglass Lining


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