Custom built Trifluoroacetic acid Tank Bund

Bespoke acid tank bund

Bespoke acid tank bund

This Tank Bund was custom made for use with a Trifluoroacetic acid tank. Trifluoroacetic is an aggressive acid, spills are required to be cleaned up immediately and any residue liquid neutralised.

The Bund was fabricated in GRP fibreglass to the customers specification: 3500 x 2500 x 750mm, with a capacity of 6562 litres and Supplied in grey.

Tailor made to your exact requirements, Sui Generis custom built IBC bunds and Tank bunds are very economical. Manufactured in strong GRP Fibreglass, a cost effective long-term solution to your spill containment and health & safety needs.

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Custom made GRP fibreglass spill containment bund

GRP fibreglass spill containment bund made to specification

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