Bespoke Spill Trays for large manufacturing workplace

Interlocking spill tray sections created a large oil spill catchment area.

A large custom-built oil spill catchment bund was recently produced for a manufacturing workplace.

A major UK supplier of copper and copper based alloy tube to the heat exchanger, engineering, lighting and electrical markets, needed a new spill containment area where machines would be in operation.

As part of an aluminium tube manufacturing process for communication dishes, oil would leak from the tubing on to the floor creating a health and safety hazard.

Sui Generis provided a series of interlocking spill tray sections that would make the work areas easy to clean, with anti-slip grating panelled areas for operators to stand safely. Creating the bespoke fibreglass spill trays in sections helped with transportation and installation.

12 spill trays interlocked to provide two large work areas: 16.5m and 21m:

Plan view of 12 spill trays interlocked to provide two large work areas.


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We also provide a range of standard bunds, spill containment for tanks, vessels, containers, up to 6000 litres. Read more about standard bunds.


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