Bespoke Fibreglass Bunded Storage Solution for Food Company

We’ve just created a bespoke solution for a customer with a specific spill containment requirement. They needed a tank bund with pallet and fork lift facility, to contain food spill that would be placed outside prior to removal by specialist waste contractors.

We supplied our standard SG101 bundstand with an added forklift facility, and designed and manufactured a bespoke lid to cover it. The snug fitting fibreglass top will protect against contamination, insects and wildlife.

The lid was reinforced by adding a cross shape rib, to ensure no sagging in heavy snow or rain, avoiding water ponding.

Sui Generis Custom Built Bunds & Spill Trays
Tailor made to the customers exact requirements, custom built bunds are more economical than you might think. The bund is manufactured in a resin finish to suit specific liquid storage requirements providing a cost effective long term solution to spill containment.

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