Utilising Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology to protect our clients

Addmaster are experts in the fields of microbiology, chemistry and polymer science. Their knowledge of antimicrobial additives and regulatory support is unrivalled within the industry. 

We opted to work with Addmaster as their Biomaster product, used within the gel topcoat of our GRP products, guarantees fast, effective antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of our GRP products, helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

When using our GRP service for industrial coatings, or to line walls, floors or tanks, Biomaster can be incorporated to pro-actively prevent/disrupt the growth of bacteria on treated surfaces and is a proven method to inhibit the growth of most types of harmful bacteria. We have successfully worked with the Biomaster additive on a wide range of projects from GRP wall and floor linings in zoo enclosures to specialist GRP body panels within emergency ambulances where cleanliness is paramount.


So, what is an antimicrobial and how does it work?

An antimicrobial is a substance that will reduce the presence of microbes such as bacteria, fungi and mould by up to 99.9%. When added into the gel topcoat of our GRP products, the Biomaster antimicrobial additive provides a second line of defence against harmful bacteria and works 24/7 to protect product surfaces.



What is Biomaster antimicrobial technology?

Biomaster technology uses bespoke additives to enhance products with permanent inbuilt protection against microbes. Tests against anti-biotic resistant bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) have proven that Biomaster is effective. Biomaster provides round-the-clock protection against the most harmful microbes for the lifetime of the product, and it doesn’t wear off or leach out.

Most importantly, Biomaster is completely safe to use in food and water applications and is based on silver ion technology, recognised for centuries with no harmful effect.


Our commitment to protecting you and your clientele

We place a huge importance on Health and Safety and it plays a large role within our culture. From industry leading accreditations to continuous training for our staff, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services that in turn add value to our customers and their clients.

Working with Addmaster directly has allowed us to ensure our products remain completely hygienic with the bonus of providing a second line of defence against harmful bacteria. With the worrying growth rates of harmful bacteria and viruses, now more than ever is an ideal time to ensure that you have every method in place to prevent or disrupt potentially harmful outbreaks.

Biomaster Antimicrobial TechnologyFor more information on Addmaster and their Biomaster product, visit their website: https://www.addmaster.co.uk


Have a project in mind?

If you have an upcoming project that would benefit from the use of GRP and Biomaster, we would love to hear from you. You can send an enquiry in seconds via our website or call us on 01206 798798 to speak to a member of the team directly.


How Biomaster Works.