Anti-slip stair covers and flooring

Anti-slip stair tread covers Anti-slip
stair tread covers

Designed to cover the entire step.

Anti-slip stair tread landing covers Anti-slip
stair landing covers

Designed to cover the entire landing area.

Anti-slip stair riser plates Anti-slip
stair riser plates

Designed to cover the step rise/front.

Anti-slip stair nosings Anti-slip
stair nosings

Designed to fit to the front of the step.

Anti-slip floor sheets Anti-slip
floor sheets

Designed to be fitted to floors, walkways, ramps, bridges, landing areas, platforms.

Anti-slip decking strips Anti-slip
decking strips

Simply screw to your decking surface.

Anti-slip tactiles Anti-slip

Paving plates
designed for the visually impaired.

Access Platforms Access platforms

Up and over steps,
step-over platforms,
for safer walkways.

Tools, Screws & Adhesives Tools, Screws & Adhesives

For installation of
Anti-Slip products.

Installation Guide Installation

Tools and methods for bonding or mechanical fixing.

Installation Guide Installation

Our teams of fully qualified installers have over 20 years experience...

GRP Grating Grating

For platforms, walkways, flooring & covers.

Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Fine Grit comparison


Standard Duty - Ideal for: normal pedestrian traffic and industrial applications.

Platforms, staircases, steps, fire escapes, emergency exits, public access stairways. Our standard duty stair covers are suitable for most applications and give many years of service under normal conditions.

Heavy Duty ToughGrip - Ideal for busy pedestrian traffic, industrial applications.

Train stations, stadiums, car parks, busy public walkways and stairways. If your requirement is in a very high foot fall area, or you just want the most hardwearing stair tread covers we produce - then our heavy duty coarse grit product is for you.

Fine Grit ToughGrip - Ideal for normal pedestrian traffic.

For less industrial applications, easier to clean with a less aggressive surface. Suitable for more sensitive areas such as play areas, schools, in domestic and commercial environments - generally for interior use but can be used outside if deemed suitable.

Available in Stair Treads, Stair Landing Covers and Floor Sheets.

About slip resistance testing


Anti-Slip Standard Duty, Heavy Duty, Fine Grit comparison


Hardness rating

Ref: Mohs Hardness scale.

What is Hardness?

Hardness is the resistance of a material to deformation, indentation, or penetration by means such as abrasion, drilling, impact, scratching, and/or wear.

What is the Mohs hardness scale?

The Mohs scale of mineral hardness is a scale that characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. Mohs Hardness Test compares the resistance of a mineral to being scratched by ten reference minerals known as the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Friedrich Mohs, a German mineralogist, developed the scale in 1812. He selected ten minerals of distinctly different hardness that ranged from a very soft mineral (talc) to a very hard mineral (diamond).

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