Anti-slip stair covers and flooring

Anti-slip stair tread covers Anti-slip
stair tread covers

Designed to cover the entire step.

Anti-slip stair tread landing covers Anti-slip
stair landing covers

Designed to cover the entire landing area.

Anti-slip stair riser plates Anti-slip
stair riser plates

Designed to cover the step rise/front.

Anti-slip stair nosings Anti-slip
stair nosings

Designed to fit to the front of the step.

Anti-slip floor sheets Anti-slip
floor sheets

Designed to be fitted to floors, walkways, ramps, bridges, landing areas, platforms.

Anti-slip decking strips Anti-slip
decking strips

Simply screw to your decking surface.

Anti-slip tactiles Anti-slip

Paving plates
designed for the visually impaired.

Access Platforms Access platforms

Up and over steps,
step-over platforms,
for safer walkways.

Tools, Screws & Adhesives Tools, Screws & Adhesives

For installation of
Anti-Slip products.

Installation Guide Installation

Tools and methods for bonding or mechanical fixing.

Installation Guide Installation

Our teams of fully qualified installers have over 20 years experience...

GRP Grating Grating

For platforms, walkways, flooring & covers.

Anti-Slip Tactile Paving Plates

£25.33 inc VAT

Corduroy Tactiles, Blister Off-Street Tactiles, Blister On-Street Tactiles
for the visually impaired.

Tactile paving is a range of paving plates that bear distinctive, raised surface profiles designed to be detectable by both sighted and visually impaired pedestrians.

Buy online from SafeTread.co.ukMade from tough, hard wearing and durable GRP with a gritted surface giving excellent slip resistancy.

Corduroy Tactiles: Warns of hazards such as stairs or pedestrian crossings.

Blister On-street Tactiles: evenly spaced rows parallel to the direction of travel, indicates movement in this direction is safe.

Blister Off-street Tactiles: indicates the edge of a footway near a crossing.

• 10 Year Guarantee


  • 1. Anti-slip Tactile paving surfaces.
  • 2. Corduroy Tactiles warns of hazards such as stairs or pedestrian crossings.
  • 3. Blister On-street Tactiles indicates movement in this direction is safe.
  • 4. Blister Off-street Tactiles indicates the edge of a footway near a crossing.

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Corduroy Tactile Plate

Corduroy Tactile Plate

400mm x 400mm

Raised rib stripes of 6mm (±0.5m)

Weight: 2.0 kg

15.75 18.90
Blister On-Street Tactile Plate

Blister On-Street
Tactile Plate

400mm x 400mm

Rows of flat-topped blisters or aligned dots, 5mm (±0.5mm)

Weight: 2.0 kg

15.75 18.90
Blister Off-Street Tactile Plate

Blister Off-Street
Tactile Plate

400mm x 400mm

Rows of flat-topped domes or diagonal dots, 5mm (±0.5mm)

Weight: 2.0 kg

15.75 18.90


About Tactile paving plates

Visually impaired people who move around independently, do so by using residual sight or by using a long white cane to sweep the ground in front, detecting changes in surface texture.

Tactile paving can be used to convey important information about the environment to visually impaired people, for example hazard warning, directional guidance, or the presence of an amenity.

Research has shown that visually impaired people can reliably detect, identify and remember a limited number of different tactile paving surfaces and the meanings assigned to them.

More information from the Department for Transport:
Guidance on the use of tactile paving surfaces

Who do we supply Anti-Slip Tactiles to?

Sui Generis produce a selection of Anti-Slip stair and floor products for industrial and commercial use. We supply across the UK for Architects, Local Authorities, Councils, Professional Landscapers, Landscape Industries, Garden Designers, Urban Designers, Town Planners, Schools, Colleges, Housing Associations.

Buy online from SafeTread.co.ukFor full information on sizes, prices & delivery,
view our dedicated anti-slip stair & floor website: www.SafeTread.co.uk

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Our product features

  • Anti-slip gritted surface - rated extremely low potential for slip
  • Easy to install
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Hardwearing and durable GRP
    - lasts for years
  • Weather resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Light weight
  • Non-metallic
  • No groundwork required
  • Minimal downtime
  • Internal or external use


  • Helps create a safer environment
  • Can be applied to nearly any substrate


  • DDA Compliant
  • Building Regulation Compliant

Anti-Slip product information

PDFAnti-Slip Tactile Paving Plates

Gov.uk tactile information

PDFDepartment for Transport:
Tactile Paving Surfaces


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