Sui Generis creates perfect Fibreglass Floor Lining at Silver Spring

Silver Spring - The great British Drinks Company.Silver Spring is the UK’s largest privately owned, independent soft drinks manufacturer, and has extremely high standards to maintain. That’s why during their Christmas shutdown period they employed the specialist skills of Sui Generis to fibreglass line their ‘syrup-room’s’ 30-year old quarry floor.

The grouting around the quarry tiles was failing, and could have led to roof leakages on their factory floor below. Silver Spring’s Representative, was quick to look for a solution. He says:

“The syrup room is 400m² and contains 18 tanks. We needed an expert team to come in; undertake minor repairs, prepare the existing quarry floor for lining, line the floor, and work around the tanks, all in just five days! The team from Sui Generis did a great job, and they got everything done – just like they said they would.”

Mark Stone, Contracts Manager, Sui Generis, adds: “Our fibreglass floor linings are ideal for food and drink processing factories as they resist mould and bacterial growth. They’re also very economical to install.”


If you require further information then please visit our fibreglass linings section to view our full range of products.

In addition to our fibreglass linings range, Sui Generis are specialists at fibreglass mouldingsanti-slip flooringspill containmentfibreglass grating and surface preparation.

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