Sui Generis creates perfect Fibreglass Floor Lining at Silver Spring

Silver Spring - The great British Drinks Company.Silver Spring is the UK’s largest privately owned, independent soft drinks manufacturer, and has extremely high standards to maintain. That’s why during their Christmas shutdown period they employed the specialist skills of Sui Generis to fibreglass line their ‘syrup-room’s’ 30-year old quarry floor. Continue reading

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Fibreglass Tank Lining for Yara as health and safety is key

Thanks to Sui Generis’s exceptionally high health and safety standards, Sui Generis, the experts in fibreglass linings, were awarded the contract to supply new tank linings for the number one global supplier of mineral fertilisers, Yara. Continue reading

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Bespoke Fibreglass Bunded Storage Solution for Food Company

We’ve just created a bespoke solution for a customer with a specific spill containment requirement. They needed a tank bund with pallet and fork lift facility, to contain food spill that would be placed outside prior to removal by specialist waste contractors.

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Bespoke Spill Containment for Health & Fitness Centre

A vibrant and thriving community leisure centre in Luton shares its facilities with the local school. With a health and fitness suite and 25 metre swimming pool, a wide range of clubs use the facilities, and health and safety is paramount.

A safe chemical storage area required a spill containment bund. A range of standard built bunds and spill trays are available from Sui Generis but the sports and leisure trust required a bespoke bund for their exact needs. Continue reading

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Sui Generis refurbishes BOC Cooling Tower basin with GRP Lining

BOCSui Generis has completed the lining of a semi-submerged cooling tower basin at BOC.

The basin was going to have a change of use. Mark Stone, Contracts Manager, Sui Generis, explains the intricacies involved: “A cooling tower had sat on a large concrete basin structure. We needed to refurbish the basin so that it could be used to store post-filtered water from a reverse osmosis installation. The basin proved a tricky job as a number of buttresses were sticking out and re-bars too; we needed to cut out all metalworks and prepare an area for new pipework to be fitted.” Continue reading

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You can have any colour Bundstand for IBC Storage

The IBC spill containment bundstand’s, that form a small part of our spill containment range, are available in a multitude of colours. However, whilst we offer clients the opportunity to have their bundstands manufactured in their own corporate colours, it’s very rare for any of our them to deviate away from our standard blue colour.

However, that changed recently when our production floor was illuminated by a bright yellow IBC bundstand manufactured for one of our clients to match their corporate identity. Continue reading

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GRP Fibreglass Bund Linings for Premier Foods

Premier Foods LogoPremier Foods produces some of the nation’s best-loved food brands from Hovis to Sharwoods and Mr Kipling Cakes to Branston pickle; in fact ninety nine per cent of all UK householders have a Premier food product in their homes.

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Sui Generis provides colourful Fibreglass Seating in Southwark, London

New fibreglass seating has brightened up the recently refurbished communal area within the Wyndham Estate in the London Borough of Southwark.

The colourful new fibreglass seating is part of the regeneration of the area, which has been transformed by a new podium with fibreglass seating snaking around its exterior, fabricated by Sui Generis. Continue reading

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