Bespoke Spill Containment for Health & Fitness Centre

A vibrant and thriving community leisure centre in Luton shares its facilities with the local school. With a health and fitness suite and 25 metre swimming pool, a wide range of clubs use the facilities, and health and safety is paramount.

A safe chemical storage area required a spill containment bund. A range of standard built bunds and spill trays are available from Sui Generis but the sports and leisure trust required a bespoke bund for their exact needs.

Our fibreglass experts designed and constructed a lightweight, one piece moulded fibreglass bund of sufficient volume to comply with the 110% regulations and an allowance for the day tank to sit within the bund itself. Added to this was a 38mm thick fibreglass grating platform to support the bulk storage tank containing 1400 litres of sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

Strength was important here and extra supports were added under the fibreglass grating, as well as to the shape of the bund. The completed fibreglass bund was then load tested in our Colchester factory to a load capacity of 1500 kilos allowing for the additional specific gravity of the bleach and the required design tolerances.

This was then delivered in one piece for easy installation.

Sui Generis sustom spill containment

Sui Generis Custom Built Bunds & Spill Trays
Tailor made to the customers exact requirements, custom built bunds are more economical than you might think. The bund is manufactured in a resin finish to suit specific liquid storage requirements providing a cost effective long term solution to spill containment.

  • Protects the workplace, environment and personnel.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Compliant with the 110% bund regulations.
  • No taps or drainage points to compromise the bund area.

If you require further information then please visit our spill containment section to view our full range of products.

In addition to our fibreglass linings range, Sui Generis are specialists at fibreglass liningsfibreglass mouldingsanti-slip flooringfibreglass grating and surface preparation.

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